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NBA Street Vol. 2 Competition
NBA Street Vol. 2 - available on PS2, XBox and GameCube

Basketball 365 teamed up with EA SPORTS BIG™ to give you the chance to win a copy of their latest basketball games release NBA Street Vol. 2, which is available now both in stores and online.

The first five people, selected by the computer, who correctly answered the question as b) Off The Heezay, will each receive a copy of NBA Street Vol. 2 for either the PS2, Xbox or Nintendo GameCube.

Those five winners are:

Steven Webb, Swindon (XBox)
Sophie Rhodes, London (PS2)
Adam George, Cranham (PS2)
Steve Vearling, Northampton (XBox)
Jeff Lowsley, Cherry Burton (GameCube)

Our thanks to EA Sports and also to everyone who entered, and we look forward to bringing you more exciting competitions very soon!

Bring your act to the street show and face off against the greatest basketball legends of all-time with NBA Street Vol. 2 from EA SPORTS BIG™. Throw on your kicks and hit the asphalt in this over the top arcade-action streetball video game. Take your skills to a new level and challenge the greatest basketball icons to ever play the game, from the baddest old-school legends to the hottest players of today.

Feel the dominance of Wilt Chamberlain and Shaquille O’Neal. Soar above the rim with Dr. J and Michael Jordan. Run the show like John Stockton and Pistol Pete. That’s right…this is your chance to defeat the best the street has to offer with an all-new arsenal of dunks, passes, dribbles, and special moves including “Off the Heezay” and “Pass Out”.

Show off your mad hoops skills with up to four players in the new multi-player mode. Drain treys from deep beyond the arc or bang around down low and dominate the post with your inside game. Use the new directional passing to throw the rock off of the backboard or even off of your opponent’s head.

With unbelievable dunks and dizzying crossover dribbles your opponent will be beggin’ for mercy. Pump up your Gamebreaker meter to pull off some truly legendary moves. Make your own history in the new create-a-player mode and earn new moves to show of your street style. If your game’s weak, you don’t have to go home, but you’ve gotta get off the court.

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NBA Street Vol. 2 Screenshots Gallery
(click on images to enlarge)

Key Features

• Play as your favorite NBA legend, past or present with their signature moves. So you always wanted mad game like Dr. J, Wilt the Stilt, MJ, or the Answer? Now’s your chance as you can choose from a massive selection of NBA players from the past and present.

• Up to four players at a time in the new multiplayer mode.
Play against the CPU or friends, or team up against the best players in the world (1-4 players).

• Be the Oop! Use the right analog to pass the ball to another player, then take control of the man without the ball and call for the monster alley-oop.

• Gamebreaker3
School your opponent big time with the show-stopping Gamebreaker3. Boost your Gamebreaker meter by pulling off sweet moves. The more you pour on the highlights the bigger the boost. You also have the option to pocket Gamebreakers for use later in the game.

• Play the country’s best street courts. Seven authentic urban worlds that re-create the feel and grit of the true street game, including Rucker Park, Soul in the Hole, NY, Boy’s Harbor, and more.

• Enhanced Create-a-Player Mode.
Earn and unlock new moves for your created player and show ‘em off on the court.

• My Rules.
Customize the game the way YOU want to play it!

Click here to view action from EA Sports NBA Street Vol. 2 game
Click on the player to view action from
EA Sports NBA Street Vol. 2 game

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EA Sports NBA Street Vol. 2 is available now in stores and online for PS2, Xbox or Nintendo GameCube.

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